Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving On

I decided it was time to enter something else here, but now I don't know what. Pretty discouraged today. Been trying for two and a half years to promote this town and two outsiders have done more damage than one would think possible. To continue to bring up the drug sting and racial overtaones is like continually bringing up the Dred Scot decision, or the unrest in Little Rock or Watts. The victims have been released and paid large sums of money, which was not used to rebuild their lives. Most of them have gone back to prison on unrelated, but similar charges.
The people here (and I am not a native) are not mean, and are not, for the most part, racists. Sure some are, but where are there not? And most people who have never lived in one don't understand the dynamics of a small town. In a city, the drug dealers are something you hear about. In a town this size, they are a lot closer--you know their names, they are parked next to you at the Sonic, they live down the block, or maybe next door. It is not an abstract issue, but a real one. You see the effects. So when someone comes in with what looks like a solution, you take it. Sure, mistakes were made, and they are regrettable. But I fail to see the point of going over it all again at this point. It does no good that I can see, and a lot--a LOT--of harm.

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