Monday, February 23, 2009

In Mexico

I set up this blog to put my NaNoWriMo book on, but that has been long since finished, so I will use it for other things—such as our trip to Mexico.

Day one – getting there
We drove to San Marcos to spend the night with Anne, so that she could get us to the San Antonio airport, from whence the real journey would commence. (Hmmm…whence, commence….must be a limerick in there somewhere!) The airport was a mess to navigate, but no real problems were encountered. Linda asked the (cute) ticket agent when the work would be done and she replied that it was scheduled to be finished in two years. “When we´re all old and gray”, I countered. She nodded wanly in agreement, then I said, “I know what you´re thinking—you´re thinking “You´re already there, Buddy” She countered “I was not.” She was a charmer, though.

(I wrote a lot more, but the blogger didn´t save it, so I´ll finish this part later.)

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