Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Mexico, Day 2

What a day. We slept late—for us—until around 7:30. We went to explore the city, first trying to get a hardy and sustaining desayuno. It was difficult, because there were so many things to see. The architecture of the city is beautiful, the history is magnificent.

About every three blocks or so there is a plaza with a statue. Some of these date back centuries, some only a few years (comparatively speaking). Gone, of course, are the celebrants of the night before, replaced by people on their way to work. Since this is the state capital, and a prosperous city, there are lots.

We eat at a place that would be considered a hole in the wall in the US—not dirty, but very small. It is difficult for me to remember—especially at breakfast--that Mexicans like to linger over a meal, and don´t get in much of a hurry to prepare it. They also eat later than I am accustomed to. I was anxious to get going, but the breakfast was good—though not outstanding.

We began to look around and were overwhelmed at the beauty and the history of Queretaro. I had not realized that this was on the royal road--El Camino Real—from Mexico City to Santa Fe. It is also the place where Mexican first declared their independence from Spain in 1810 (and which they achieved in 1821).

I was in no hurry to call my friend David that I met last summer, as I didn´t want to interrupt his work. Also, I wasn´t sure how to use the phone (do I dial the area code regardless?, etc)

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Finding David

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